We provide fresh and healthy Catfish

Our aim is to satisfy our esteemed customers through the preparation and supply
of tasty, nutritious and considerably big catfish in fresh, dried and grilled states.
Our fish are African black fish breed well known for their high nutritional value, low
calorie, packed with lean protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. The omega3 fats in our catfish help promote cardiovascular health.

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Our Story

We supply quality live/ fresh African catfish delivered to your door step in UK. It’d first of its kind. We do all size of the catfish range from small to large and super large.
Treat yourself with fresh fish and not frozen fish as the most common thing other do.
We also process the fish to different taste. We make Smoke fish, Grilled and Dried catfish,
We meet all your expectations for fish.

Customer satisfaction is ultimate, as we ensure our products are prepared with highest level of food hygiene and safety, and delivered promptly to you. You have the opportunity to place your order and make payment online.
JayJay Nuga
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